ESGRP Develops Crestwood's Corporate Sustainability Report

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ESG Reporting Partners collaborated with Houston-based Crestwood Equity Partners LP (NYSE: CEQP) (“Crestwood” or “CEQP”), to develop its online sustainability report, entitled Growing Through Connections. The project "enhances transparency on Crestwood's environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance and highlights the company's three-year sustainability strategy" (Crestwood Press Release). The new corporate sustainability website hosting the online report launched on June 17, 2019.

"We are proud to be a leading MLP midstream company with the early issuance of a sustainability report and we are committed to enhancing transparency around our environmental, social and governance performance," said Joanne Howard, Crestwood's director of sustainability and corporate communications.

The ESG website was built in Artisan™ï¸, a reporting platform that allows Crestwood to manage the website with ease and flexibility.

"In the end, we were able to publish the sustainability report ahead of schedule and it turned out to be what we think is industry-leading," said Howard. "We have received a number of compliments on how interactive and dynamic the site looks and how easy it is to navigate and find information."

The ESGRP team developed both a web version and a print version of the sustainability report. The challenge: ensure alignment across the two different mediums.

"Our team really stepped up on this project, from the website animations to the data visualizations," said Designer, Kathy Prince. "We had to ensure that the digital and print components of the project were complementary so the information was consistent and met the project objectives."

Crestwood’s sustainability report is an important component of the company's long-term goal to integrate sustainability throughout its business.

Explore the Crestwood sustainability report at

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