Leigh Anne Bishop Earns Certificate in ESG from Berkeley Law

Leigh Anne Bishop

ESG Strategist, Leigh Anne Bishop, earned her Certificate in Sustainable Capitalism and ESG from Berkeley Law Executive Education. The course includes 40 hours of mandatory content exploring how ESG and sustainable capitalism are being operationalized in companies and markets today.

"The Berkeley course is wonderful because it provides a view that's outside our industry, outside our knowledge base, and that's really empowering to me, because I was learning something new," said Bishop. "In this course, we learn more about the global ecosystem that is ESG and how it is impacting the disciplines of law & government, Wall Street, and academia. At the end of the day, regulation is coming. We must be positioned to meet that. This course raises your knowledge base in all of those areas tenfold in my opinion."

The course's interview series includes investors, board members, corporate executives, corporate counsel and general counsel, former judges, the media, academics, and leading NGOs and nonprofits.